Office hours are: 

Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm & 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Closed Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

  • Pool & Gymnasium hours : 7.00am to 10.30pm
  • Noise Curfew: 10.30pm to 7.00am

1. In Case of Fire: If you see smoke or flames, Ring 000 Fire Brigade immediately. DO NOT use lifts, use fire stairs at designated EXITS. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests and/or visitors know where the fire exits are. Any tenant, or tenant’s guest, that cause the Fire Brigade to be in attendance at Altitude@Taringa, due to vandalism/misbehaviour/mistake etc will be responsible for paying the call out fee charged by Queensland Fire Service. Smoke alarms in apartment and/or passageways must NOT be covered for any reason and it is your responsibility to replace the batteries when required.

2. Washing and Laundry All apartments at Altitude have their own washing machine & dryer (with the exception of the Studio Apartment). There are coin operated machines in the common room for tenants requiring this service. There is an iron and ironing board in the laundry for your use which must not be removed. Washing is NOT to be hung over balcony railings to dry and clothes lines are not permitted. This is a Body Corporate By-Law .

3. Use of Common Areas Tenants using common areas are to ensure that they are left in a clean and tidy condition after use.  All rubbish is to be disposed of in the bins provided, that is inside the bins and not on the lids. Barbeques must be cleaned after use and rubbish removed and areas must be left clean & tidy.

4. Furniture No furniture is to be removed from any apartment or Common Area unless written authority is given by management.

5. Smoking Altitude@Taringa has a NON SMOKING policy in the apartment and common areas. Smoking is permitted on balconies, however please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly, do not throw them over balconies or in the gardens.

6. Alcohol and Drugs Alcohol in moderation may be consumed only in designated areas of the premises and on the condition that it does not cause a nuisance to other residents, staff, owners or managers at the facility. However all are reminded that if alcoholic excess leads to unacceptable behaviour its use is no excuse for the breach of the House Rules. The possession and/or use of illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription drugs will not be tolerated and may result in Police involvement.

7. Cleanliness of Units Residents are to maintain their rooms in a clean, safe and hygienic manner. An inspection of units will take place every 3 months. Upon vacating, the unit must be inspected and cleaned to a professional standard. All cleaning required will be paid for by the tenant.

8. Access to residents’ rooms Managers and their staff reserve the right to access rooms as prescribed in terms of the Residential Tenancies Authority guidelines.

9. Damage and Repairs Wilful damage or damage caused through unacceptable behaviour will be repaired or replaced at the expense of the tenant or tenants or guests of tenants involved. Damage to, breakdown of any facility, fixture, item of furniture, furnishing or equipment provided must be reported to the Manager within 24 hours of the damage or breakdown occurring.

10. Disposal of Rubbish All tenants are responsible for the disposal of rubbish from their units or from common areas used by them. Rubbish must be placed inside bins not on top of the lids. The bins are situated behind roller doors at the front of each building.  There is a rear door opening to the bin room. Any rubbish that cannot be placed inside the bins must be removed from the premises by the tenant.  This is not the responsibility of the management.

11. Disputes Tenants are responsible for co-operating with one another and reaching agreement with one another.  Unresolved disputes between tenants may be referred to the Manager for resolution.

12. Disruptive behaviour and excessive noise All Residents shall ensure that their behaviour does not interfere with the peace and quiet of other tenants.  All noise must cease by 10.30pm. Behaviour such as abusive language, the creation of excessive noise, engaging in physical fights, bullying, harassment or other acts of violence against people or property will not be tolerated and may result in Police involvement. Noise of all kinds is to be kept to a minimum at all times.  The playing of radios, televisions, audio systems and musical instruments is to be kept at a level which does not interfere with the peace and quiet enjoyment of all tenants.

13. Prohibited Activities No form of business is to be conducted on or from the premises. The possession and/or use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs will not be tolerated and may result in Police involvement.

14. Prohibited Items The following items are strictly forbidden to be brought into the premises by either residents or their visitors No dangerous, lethal or offensive weapon or firearm whether registered or not is allowed on the premises. Noxious, explosive or other dangerous substances or Illegal substances, materials and goods (including the storage of stolen Goods)

15. Stealing Residents caught stealing within the premises will result in Police involvement.

16. Security Tenants are responsible for the security of their apartment. Access doors to the premises are to be kept locked at all times. Proximity-cards or Keys to any part of the premises are not to be given or lent to non-tenants without prior approval from management. Lost keys are to be reported immediately.

17. Personal Property and Possessions All tenants are responsible for the safety and security of personal belongings and should consider purchasing their own contents insurance.

18. Abandoned Goods The tenant must take all of their belongings from the premises at the end of the tenancy. Failure to do so will incur storage and removal fees.

19. Pets No pets may be kept on the premises however fish are allowed.

20. Key & Security Card Policy: (a)   Lost or Stolen Proximity Cards and Keys: All Cards & Keys which are either lost or stolen must be reported to the    Manager’s office as soon as possible after the discovery of the loss or theft. (b)  Security Card Replacement: Tenants who have lost or misplaced keys or cards, or who have had them stolen, may contact the Manager, during office hours, to collect a new Card/Key to their unit.  Replacement fee will be charged. If access is required outside office hours a “call-out’ fee of $50.00 will be charged. Tenants have a duty of care to ensure the safety of apartment keys.

21. Visitors: Residents may allow only their own visitors with the exception of the police or other lawful authorities into the accommodation complex. Residents are to ensure that their visitors are aware of the house rules and abide by them. All Residents are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their visitors. Residents are responsible for the cost of any repair or damage caused by their visitors. No visitor is allowed to hold, keep or use a key to any part of the premises. If visitors cause problems, residents should immediately notify the management. NO VISITORS/GUESTS OF THE TENANTS ARE ALLOWED ONTO THE PREMISES TO USE FACILITIES UNLESS ACCOMMPANIED BY THE TENANT.

22. Walls: Residents are not permitted to affix any items to the walls. This includes Blu-Tac, picture hooks/nails/glue or any similar substance. Any marks or damage will be the responsibility of the tenant. “Command Hooks” are the only acceptable form of adhesive allowed to hang/affix anything to your walls. These are available in a variety of sizes at supermarkets and department/hardware stores.

23. Carpet Cleaning: Carpets & sofas are to be professionally cleaned upon vacating the apartment at your expense. We can arrange a carpet cleaner at a competitive rate for you.

24. Dry-Cleaning Charge & Replacement Costs when Vacating For health reasons, replacement of mop head & toilet brush on vacating is required and will be paid for by the outgoing tenant.  Replacement of these items will be undertaken by management.

25. Car parking Residents’ cars are never allowed to park in Visitors car parks. Secure car parking for residents is provided at $45 per month. The alternative for residents is to park on the street. Visitors’ cars are only allowed to park in the visitors’ car park when actually visiting a tenant. Visitors’ cars may not park for longer than 4 consecutive hours unless arrangements are made with management.

26. Internet Usage Unlimited Internet is provide for your lawful usage. Illegal downloading is prohibited and may result in the disconnection of your internet service. Viruses, Trojans, Worms or any other computer infections are your responsibility. Please provide security for your computer.

27. Bill Payment- Phone, Electricity and Gas All bills must be paid within 7 days of the issue of the invoice. Failure to do so may result in disconnection of these services. Please see Management if you are experiencing difficulties.