This Handbook covers:
  1. Lease Periods; Breaking a Lease
  2. Reservation(s) and Formal Offer Procedure (Documentation)
  3. Other costs of living at Altitude
  4. Utility Supply Policy
  5. Internet Supply and Fair Use Policy
  6. By Laws & House Rules
  7. Cancellation Policy
  8. Exit & Cleaning of the Apartment
  9. Getting your bond back


Rentals come under the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA). Both tenants and landlords have certain obligations which are defined in RTA’s document: Renting in Queensland. A government approved lease binds both parties to certain rights and responsibilities and is required to be signed prior to entry.

Our lease in three Parts

Part I items 1-17 variable Part 2 items 1-54 (prescribed) Part 3 Special Terms

Click here for access to a sample document. The following covers policy; terms; prices etc. Please study the detail closely.
1. Lease Periods: •
Semester 1 : January 8th – July 7th (26 weeks) • Semester 2 : July 8th – January 7th (26 weeks)
A lease whose format has been approved by the government’s Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) has been signed and you are legally bound to pay rent until the expiry of the agreement. RTA guidelines do, however, provide an option for a tenant to apply for a release from a tenancy. This is Know as “BREAK LEASE” and there are costs involved.
The following steps need to be followed:
Advice must be given in writing. We will confirm receipt of this notice. Please see your green 17A RTA book. As you know all students have a break over the Christmas period and it is nearly impossible to find replacement students for this period. Rent must continue to be paid as normal until the end of your lease, or until a replacement tenant is found.
Subject to: (a) satisfactory Inspection Report RTA Form 14 and Inventory check (b) surrender of keys (c) clearance of internet, phone and miscellaneous debts, a bond refund will be calculated and agreed. (Please note these funds are held in trust by the RTA. Refund is subject to RTA Form 4 action which can take up to 4 days to process.)
In normal circumstances, Bond refunds are separate from the cost of breaking a lease. Such outgoings may include but are not limited to:
• Normal cleaning and replacement costs as at the end of any tenancy.
• A minimum equivalent of one weeks rent plus GST break lease Administration Fee is payable.
• Advertisement costs if deemed necessary to attract a suitable replacement.
2. Reservation/Documentation:
To reserve an apartment:
a. Make your choice Decide on the type of apartment that best suits to you. You can be shown the apartment or you may view it from the website;
b. Send a Reservation Enquiry Form & an accompanying e-mail. You will receive a response within 2 days. If you do not hear back from us we may have not received your enquiry. Before any money is paid, you MUST await a formal offer from us by e-mail to your Reservation Enquiry Form. Our formal offer indicates the room style and where possible the actual unit number as well as the proposed rent; lease date & whether a kitchen pack is included.
c. Acceptance / Confirmation / Payment Once you receive our formal offer. Please respond immediately to let us know if you accept. You will then be required to deposit the equivalent of one months rent, which is your Total Weekly rent x 52 weeks divided by 12 months. You will also be required to remit the Bond (equivalent to 4 weeks rent on or before your lease start date. Once funds are received, your reservation is confirmed). We will advise the exact amount required.
d. Documents You need to be aware of our Privacy Statement. Subject to a formal offer, acceptance, and receipt of funds, we will prepare the following forms for signing upon your arrival.
• RTA Bond Lodgement – Form 4
• RTA General Tenancy Agreement – Form 18a
3. Other costs of living at Altitude:
Kitchen Packs – Units come furnished and equipped as standard with cooktop, microwave, fridge, toaster and kettle. Kitchen Packs (Plates, cups, cutlery, cooking utensils) are included as standard in all share apartments. Kitchen packs are NOT included in studio or 1 bed apartments. Kitchen Packs can be hired at an extra charge if required – please confirm at time of booking.
Linen Packs – sheets, towels, pillow slips, tea towels are NOT included as standard inventory. Linen Packs can be hired if required. Please confirm at time of booking. Kitchen & Linen Packs are included in all study abroad packages.
• UTILITIES (Electricity and Hot Water)
Accounts for Utilities (electricity and hot water) are maintained by Altitude Management so that you have connected Utility services when you arrive.
Utility usage is payable in addition to your base rent in 1 Bedroom Double units and is calculated and billed on consumption. (Standard (cold) tap water is included.) You are only charged for the electricity and hot water that you use, so having short showers and careful use of air-conditioning will help minimise costs. See Point 4 below for details of our Utility Supply Policy
Phone connection and incoming calls are included in the rent – the tenant pays for all outgoing calls. 
UNLIMITED internet connections are included in your rent. Internet services are supplied via a Local Area Network Connection with an access point in each bedroom. There is an option to establish your own wireless network within your room to enable use of multiple devices using an Altitude authorised router. There is no option to establish your own separate LAN based internet connection. Our network is monitored. See Internet Supply & Fair Use Policy – point 5 below.
Secure basement car and bicycle facilities are available. There is no cost for bicycle storage. We charge $45 per calendar month for carparking.
All belongings must be stored inside your room / unit. All belongings must be taken with you when you leave. If you leave belongings behind, you will be charged for the disposal.
There are a very limited number of rooms at Altitude where you can bring your own bed. If you want to bring your own bed you MUST advise us at the the time of your application. If you are permitted to bring your own bed, a removal & storage charge will apply.
see Service Fee Schedule available from management
4. Utility Supply Policy
The Total Monthly Payment you will pay will be inclusive of your rent + a utility usage offset contribution (EXCLUDING “ALL INCLUSIVE UNITS”).
The amount of the offset contribution is based on the lower scale of usage for the various styles of unit and the amount of your utility contribution will be detailed in your lease and your letter of offer.
Consumption statements can be issued by semester so you can track your usage. Bills / refunds will normally be finalised at the end of each term lease period in January & July.**
If contributions exceed consumption – you will be refunded the excess contribution amount. If your consumption exceeds the contribution, you will be billed for the excess used.
**(Interim bills or contribution adjustments may apply where quarterly consumption review varies significantly to the contribution being made)
5. Internet Supply and Fair Use Policy
The internet supply is delivered to all tenants via a local area network. The connection is supplied inclusive in the monthly rent price.
Tenants have the option to establish a private local network to enable multiple device access using a local Altitude Router. Access to the network is supplied on the understanding and agreement that the user will at no time utilise the Altitude network for illegal activity.
6. By Laws & House Rules
The By Laws and House Rules for Altitude@Taringa govern what residents can & can’t do. The By Laws and House Rules are available on our website and also in hard copy from the office. You will also be issued with a copy when you sign your lease.
7. Cancellation/Refund Policy
From time to time tenants need to cancel a booking. Cancellation costs will depend on how much notice is provided and how long it takes us to find a replacement tenant. You will need to pay rent until we find a replacement plus there is a cancellation fee. Please note that finding replacement tenants in share rooms once the semester has started can be very difficult.
8. Exit requirements and cleaning of apartment
Units are provided to tenants in a clean and hygienic condition and the carpets / sofa are professionally cleaned. The unit must be returned to that standard on departure.
Outgoing tenants have the option to undertake the exit clean themselves or to use a professional. The carpets and sofa must be cleaned by a licensed professional.
Exit cleaning and replacement charges are available from management.
If you will be leaving Brisbane the day that you move out of the unit it will not be reasonably possible to complete an exit clean yourself and you should budget to pay for a professional clean.
9. Getting your Security deposit / Bond back
To receive an agreed amount of bond on completion of your lease all responsibilities have to be met, including rent and all bills being paid.
An exit inspection will be conducted to ensure that the room as well as the shared areas of the unit are in the same condition/state as it was when it was originally signed over to you.
Please note bonds will only be paid into a bank account (not cash). International Bank Transfers will be made by the Residential Tenancy Authority at an extra cost.