Reservation Procedure

SEMESTER 2/2022 – Now Open

Reservations for semester 2/2022 are now officially open. Semester 1/2023 waiting list now open.

You can submit an expression of interest anytime – check the Apartments and Prices pages and select the style of accommodation that suits your requirements and budget.

When you submit your online reservation, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement email. We will commence confirming reservations in October at which time we will send you a further email containing our application form.

Once your application has been approved, an email with Letter of Offer will be sent to you and we will ask you for a deposit to confirm your booking.

We also offer upfront semester prepaid packages – this is a great idea for overseas students – keeping the transaction simple with 1 upfront payment. for the whole semester. It is very important to note that our packages are for a fixed term of 6 months.

To reserve an apartment at Altitude@Taringa Apartments, prospective tenants need to follow these steps:

Make your Choice & SUBMIT INQUIRY

Step 1: Decide on the type of apartment that is best suited to you – refer to The Rooms page for styles of accommodation. If your preferred apartment is not available, there may be an alternative style of unit or share accommodation available.

Step 2: Submit an Online Reservation Form – click here or on the link at the bottom of this page to complete an Online Reservation Form.

Booking Information

Upon receipt of your Reservation Inquiry, we will send you an application form by return e-mail, confirming the terms & conditions of your tenancy.

Rental accommodation in Queensland is administered by the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) and both tenant and landlord have certain obligations to adhere to.

Prior to paying your Holding Deposit, it is important that you read the application form carefully and also familiarise yourself with the following RTA Forms:

Please contact us for clarification of any terms or conditions that you are not sure of.

Holding Deposit

A Holding Deposit equivalent to the RTA Bond is required to secure the booking.

The Holding Deposit can be paid by either bank transfer or by credit card (a 2% surcharge applies to credit card payments). Bank transfer is the preferred method – Payment details will be provided once we accepted your application. 

Your booking is only confirmed once payment has been received. You will be required to pay rent from the lease start date irrespective of your arrival date. The first months rent is payable on or before your lease start date as detailed in your letter of offer. It is a good idea to send an email confirmation to us when the deposit is made. When we have confirmed receipt of the Holding Deposit, your accommodation is confirmed. If we do not receive your confirmation Holding Deposit in time and your chosen accommodation is no longer available, your deposit will be refunded in full. However, you may wish to request us to place you in an alternate style of room or keep your application on file for the current semester and hopefully be able to allocate you an apartment even if not your first choice.

Other cost of living altitude:

– Utilities (Electricity & Gas Hot Water ) – Altitude Management hold utility accounts for each unit – this ensures that you have full services when you arrive without the need to arrange connections etc with the various suppliers. FOR ALL INCLUSIVE UNITS, ALL UTILITIES USAGE HAS BEEN INCLUDED IN YOUR RENT. FOR OTHER UNITS, consumption is at the tenants expense and a prepayment is to be paid to Altitude on a monthly basis-you will only pay for the services you use. 

– Phones are available to each bedroom. Incoming calls are free of charge. Your outgoing calls will be billed monthly at competitive rates and are payable at Reception. Please note that modem connections to the internet are not permitted on the phone lines.

– Internet – Unlimited broadband internet is included in all rent prices. A fair use policy applies. Downloading of illegal &/or copyright protected material is prohibited and deemed a breach of a lease agreement. The delivery method is via UTP patch lead (cat 5). Use of local switches for multiple devices is permitted. There is an option (at small extra cost) to connect an Altitude approved wireless router to enable wireless connection of multiple devices.


– Bedding Packs – include a new pillow/s; mattress protector and a sanitised bedspread are available at an extra cost

– Linen Packs – Linen (sheets, towels, pillow slips are NOT supplied as standard – there is an option to hire a Linen Pack at an extra cost.

– Kitchen Packs (knives, forks, cups, plates, cooking equipment are standard and included in the rent rate of all 2 & 3 bedroom shared units. Studio and 1 bed apartments have the option to hire this equipment at an extra cost. Please advise at the time of booking is you want to add a kitchen pack option to your booking for a studio or 1 bed apartment.

Study Abroad Accommodation Packages – See our special all inclusive package options that make staying at Altitude easy. 

See our special all-inclusive package options that make staying at Altitude easy.

Inclusive Accommodation and Study Abroad Packages:

Unit Type

Studio: $7,100 – 5 month Package

1 Bed Single: $9,200 – 5 month Package

1 Bed Double : 1 Person – $11,500 – 5 month Package OR 2 Person $12,800 – 5 month Package

2 Bedroom: Whole Unit – $16,000 5 month Package

2 Bedroom: Large Bedroom – $7,500 – 5 month Package

2 Bedroom: Small Bedroom- $6,800 – 5 month Package

3 Bedroom: Whole Unit – $19,500 – 5 month Package

3 Bedroom: Ensuite Room – $7,000 – 5 month Package

3 Bedroom: Shared Bathroom- $6,100 – 5 month Package