Bond Refund Policy: Cleaning and Repair

All damage must be repaired. Please contact the office who organize all repairs & maintenance.

If you do not wish to do the cleaning yourself we can arrange professional cleaners. See office for current pricing. All rubbish to be removed prior to cleaning or an extra fee (minimum $50) will be charged.

Clean all windows, doors, door frames, sliding doors, tracks, window-sills and brush dust off window and door insect screens.

  • Vertical blinds must have all strings attached along bottom of fittings

  • Floors – sweep and mop tiles, vacuum all carpeted areas.

  • Light fittings, clean & wipe out dead bugs, remove all cobwebs. Ladder can be borrowed.

  • Light globes & Flouros & all remote control & smoke alarm batteries must be working.

  • Vacuum cleaner bag must be replaced.

  • Wash walls with particular attention to areas around light switches and handles.

  • Air conditioner filters to be removed & cleaned.

  • Washing Machine / Dryer to be wiped inside, especially around rubber seal, and outside & floor around machine to be clean. Vacuum exhaust vent.

  • Carpets & Sofa must be professionally steam-cleaned.*

  • Cupboards, inside and outside, doors & flat surfaces, all to be cleaned with ‘Spray & Wipe’ or similar. (especially pots and pans cupboard).

  • Refrigerator, to be defrosted, wiped inside, outside and behind & left switched off with doors open. Stainless Steel Sinks, cleaned to a shine using cream cleanser eg’ Jiff’, & scourer, and especially waste hole & tap.

  • Stove top to be clean; use specialized cleaner ‘Cerapol ‘

  • Microwave to be cleaned inside and outside

  • Rice Cooker, Kettle & Toaster to be cleaned inside & out. Kettle element to be cleaned (method, cover element with white vinegar & let stand over-night, rinse in morning)

  • If a kitchen pack is provided, all dishes, saucepans, cutlery etc, must be washed and put away in the same condition they were provided in.

  • Floor mopped, especially behind toilet.

  • Mirrors and windows can be cleaned with ‘Windex’ or similar product & paper towel

  • Vanity & shower recess tiles and glass door scum build-up to be removed with ‘Shower Power’ or similar product. Shower to be spotless. Any mildew or mould must be removed. Specialized products eg ‘Domestos’ & ‘Exit Mould’.

  • Clean inside built-in cupboards (wipe off scuff marks)

  • Toilet to be cleaned inside, outside & behind including S bend.

  • Vacuum exhaust vent over shower & in laundry cupboard.

  • Sweep and mop, clean railings and remove all cobwebs from light fitting etc.

  • Make sure all items are in original rooms as per inventory

  • All items to be wiped down and free of grease; stains & grime. (*Sofa to be steam cleaned with carpets) Table & chairs to be cleaned.

*Office will arrange at market price

Rent must be paid to the expiry date of lease tenancy.

NOTE: Bond money cannot be used as rent.

If we are not satisfied with the condition of the property, professional cleaners will automatically be called in at the tenant’s expense.

A forwarding address and BANK DETAILS need to be inserted in the Bond Refund Form 4